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At Southwest HypnoTherapy Group, we are skilled in the use of
traditional hypnosis, transformational therapy, spiritual counseling, subconscious intervention, relationship strategy therapy, experiencer therapy, 5 Path® , 7th Path and other powerful tools to help you to: 

        * Gain freedom from tobacco use permanently

        * Take control of your eating and exercise habits to achieve weight
           loss and a healthy, trim body for life

        * Speak or perform in public with confidence and ease

        * Decrease stress and anxiety and experience improved peace and 
          sense of well-being

        * Remove or reduce physical pain

        * Feel secure and free from fears, phobias or panic attacks

        * Find relief from nervous habits or ticks

        * Understand behavior in relationships and how to find and support
           healthy, happy relationships

        * Enhance your physical or athletic performance for more fun and
           greater accomplishment

        * Increase your mental acuity and memory

        * Find peace in the most difficult life experiences, such as terminal
           illness and death

        * Overcome any behavioral problems or issues that are preventing you
           from having the life you want

Southwest HypnoTherapy Group therapists have received training at top-rated schools, including Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Hypnosis Motivational Institute, Banyan Hypnosis Center, etc. Their professional affiliations include membership in the American Hypnotherapy Association and the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists.

Southwest HypnoTherapy Group therapists are committed to safeguard the confidentiality of all client information and conduct our business and professional activities with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect for the inherent worth of all persons.

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